St. Charles Borromeo Junior Seminary – Itaga

St. Charles Borromeo Junior Seminary is the junior seminary for the Archdiocese of Tabora. It is a place where vocation to the priesthood is reared and nurtured in young boys who are still in their secondary level education.

As early as 1908 St. Charles Borromeo junior seminary was opened at Mugala, Ushirombo, and later on shifted to Itaga, Tabora. This was to give to the then Vicariate of Tabora the first three priests namely Fr. Fidelis Luziga, Fr. Raphael Kavula and Fr. Simon Makumulo who were ordained priest on August 15, 1928.

For years, since its foundation, St. Charles Borromeo Junior Seminary – Itaga has endeavoured to live up to Christ’s command: “Go, therefore and make disciples of all nations…” (Mt 28:19).

The Propaedeutic Seminary

Archbishop Mario A. Mgulunde Propaedeutic Seminary

This is the place that accommodates young men who are willing and aspiring to undergo priestly training in order to serve in the future as catholic priests and notably for the Archdiocese of Tabora. The Vatican II document on the training of priests (Optatam Totius) stresses that:

“To provide a more solid foundation for the students’ spiritual formation and enable them to decide upon their vocation with full deliberation, it will rest with the Bishops to set apart a suitable interval of time for a more intensive spiritual preparation.”

Catholic Bishops in Tanzania unanimously decided that a full year of solid training be made obligatory for all candidates before entering major seminary. It is during this one year that those who aspire for priesthood in the Archdiocese of Tabora stay in the propaedeutic seminary. The seminary is named after the former archbishop of Tabora, His Grace Mario A. Mgulunde (1985 – 2006).

List of Seminarians of the Archdiocese of Tabora

The following is a list of seminarians of the Archdiocese of Tabora studying Philosophy and Theology, as well as those in the pastoral year:
Pastoral Year
Frt. Anold Toyi – Chomachankola Parish
Frt. Emmanuel Mwizarubi – Cathedral Parish
Frt. Justin Mtegaya – Itaga Parish
Frt. Gabriel Wangabo – Student at SAUT
Fourth Year Theology
Frt. Karoli Amani – Collegio Urbano [Masters in Canon Law]
Frt. Christian Mpalasinge – Santa Croche [Masters in Philosophy]
Frt. Eradius Rwegoshora – Kipalapala
Frt. Cornelio Chaula – Segerea
Third Year Theology
Frt. Frederick Machemba – Kipalapala
Second Year Theology
Frt. Peter Kayumbo – Segerea
Frt. Johnson Kayuga – Segerea
Frt. Francis Budogo – Kipalapala
First Year Theology
Frt. Joseph Mgejwa – Kibosho
Frt. Clemence Baragaza – Ntungamo
Third Year Philosophy
Frt. Clavery Gitanuka – Kibosho
Frt. Israel Bilama – Kibosho
Frt. Yakobo Mayengo – Kibosho
Frt. Constantine Kagudi – Ntungamo
Frt. Jacob Nsabi – Ntungamo
Frt. Michael Mulokozi – Ntungamo
Frt. Rescipius Muganyizi – Ntungamo
Second Year Philosophy
Frt. John K. Matthew – Kibosho
Frt. Fransisko Rutaha – Kibosho
Frt. Emmanuel Jilungu – Kibosho
Frt. Lazaro Felix – Lumen Christi
Frt. Emmanuel J. Mashenene – Ntungamo
Frt. Joseph Mihayo – Ntungamo
Frt. Clement M. Masuhuko – Ntungamo
Frt. Stanslaus Kulebelwa – Ntungamo
Frt. Abel Paul – Ntungamo
Frt. Francis Tesha Masumbuko – Ntungamo
Frt. Titus Kabuga Mayagilo – Ntungamo
Frt. Paul Usiga Kagolo – Ntungamo
First Year Philosophy
Kibosho Seminary is a philosophicum found in the Catholic diocese of Moshi in Kilimanjaro region in Tanzania.
Ntungamo Seminary is a philosophicum found in the Catholic diocese of Bukoba in Kagera region in Tanzania.
Segerea Seminary is a theologicum found in Catholic Archdiocese of Dar es Salaam in Dar es Salaam city in Tanzania.
Kipalapala Seminary is a theologicum found in the Catholic Archdiocese of Tabora in Tabora region in Tanzania.
Lumen Christi is an institute of Philosophy and religious studies founded in Arusha by Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales.

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