Our Shepherds

Archbishop Paul R. Ruzoka
(2006 – Present)

 Pastoral Activities and Events in 2017

We thank the Lord for the following:

    1. Successful trip to India for treatment 20/2 – 9/3/2017
    2. Ordination of six deacons on 06/01/2017 and 25/03/2017
    3. Ordination to priesthood of:
        Fr. Fabian Mkama 29/6/2017
        Fr. Ignas Akilimali 6/7/2017
        Fr. Francis Kiguli 13/7/2017
        Fr. Peter Kulwa 17/8/2017
        Fr. Barnabas Kalaye 24/8/2017
        Fr. Gabriel Manyika 28/9/2017
    4. Inauguration and Blessing of Churches:
        Our Lady of Mt. Carmel , Magiri Parish on 29/7/2017 
        St. Francis de Sales, Kashishi Parish on 2/7/2017
        St. Andrew the Apostle, Busondo Parish 30/11/2017
        Reblessing of St. Theresa Cathedral after its renovation on 25/10/2017
    5. Jubilees
        The opening of the Year of Priesthood (100 years) at the Archdiocese level 28/02/2017
        Closing of the Year of Priesthood at the National level in Dodoma on 15/08/2017
        In Rwanda at Kabgayi 5-7/10/2017
        100 Years of Our Lady of Fatima, and the Archdiocese Family Day 21/10/2017
        Silver Jubilee of Priesthood of His Lordship Bishop Bernadine Mfumbusa 15/10/2017
        Golden Jubilee of Br. Theo Call M. Afr. at Kabanga Parish in Kigoma Diocese 07/12/2017
II.    Deaths Announcement
The Burial of His Lordship Bishop Castor Msemwa, of Tunduru Masasi 
III.    Meetings
There were also Meetings outside the usual Pastoral Propramme within the Archdiocese, Zonal and National levels, Institutions like     Universities . I thank every one of you for your participation and contributions in cash and in kind for making the above mentioned events like Ordinations, Innauguration of New Parishes and Confirmation in parishes a success.
IV.    Pastoral Visits:
Parish Visit has been mostly for Confirmation and for one day – a day has not been enough to meet all that is required in the Parish. We plan to have three days. Not every year and not only at the Parish but also at the centres.
V.        Archdiocese Strategic Plan 2016-2022
We have taken a bit of time before we formally began using it because we wanted to prepare well the stakeholders (page 13)
Strategic Plan and my explanations (Pg 38)
Seminars on Strategic Plan shall be held this year at Deanery level and the participants will contribute for their food and accommodation
+ Paul R. RUZOKA
Archbisho of Tabora

Archbishop’s House
Catholic Archdiocese of Tabora
Private Bag
Tanzania, E.A.

Email: archbishops_office@yahoo.co.uk
Phone: +255 26 260 5608
Fax: +255 26 260 4000

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